When it comes to Intel boards, the ASUS ROG series provides with their new ASUS Rampage III Formula.  As we are all quite familiar with the capabilities of the X58 chipset, there are new features to draw people towards one implementation over another.  In this case ASUS has gone for a long list of features, some of the newer ones include ROG Connect, Probe IT to help check voltages, a hybrid PWM configuration and dual BIOS ROMs you can switch between … as well as USB 3.0 and SATA 6G of course. 

Drop by [H]ard|OCP to see if these features were enough to charm a discerning audience.

“We have yet another successor to the “Rampage” name, the Rampage III Formula. The X58 market is saturated with excellent boards already. We find out if the new Rampage offers compelling features that make it stand out in the landscape of stellar X58 boards.”

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