Wireless is in, wires are passe.   You can ditch your cable for satellite, set up a wireless router for your HTPC to be connected to the internet and even buy a wireless speaker system but when it comes time to hook up those sources to of from a TV you are stuck with physical wires again, ruining the entire theme.  Drop by Legit Reviews for a look at a solution to your dilemma in the form of the Air SyncHD Wireless 1080p HDMI Transmitter Kit.  It is a plug and play kit consisting of a transmitter and receiver, an IR blaster extender cable, an IR sensor extender cable, and a basic remote control which will have you sending high definition video to your TV or monitor in no time.  Now to work on those pesky power cables.

“The Air SyncHD allows you to wirelessly connect your HDMI components with your HDTV. The two configurations that brite-view imagines are wirelessly connecting your wall mounted HDTV and your component rack located off in the corner of the room or transmitting HD video from one room to another. At its most basic level, the Air SyncHD is a transmitter receiver system that allows you to wirelessly stream your HD video and audio signal between the two boxes. This $189 hardware solution couldn’t be easier to setup and is unique in its ability to wirelessly stream uncompressed 1080p videos…”

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