Plextor has come up with a half way solution for those who have picked up a 3D capable TV or monitor but haven’t invested in the rest of the kit necessary to watch media in 3D.  The Plextor PX-B120U won’t have you gaming in 3D, it is a Blu-ray player with a USB connection for now, it also has the ability to connect to the as of yet unreleased Plexmedia media centre to act as a stand alone 3D Blu-ray player.  The player is also capable of fudging 3D from a 2D source and upscaling definition, read more at The Inquirer.

“STORAGE VENDOR Plextor is offering bargain hunting first adopters an external hard drive that supports HD and 3D playback for less than £100.

The drive, which the firm said is portable and pretty, should suit anyone that has invested in a 3D monitor but so far hasn’t bought the hardware to go with it.”

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