Gizmodo noticed a bit of a trend from reviewers of the new XVT series from Vizio, a company that does not tend to be viewed in a positive light.  However with this new series the reviewers are actually liking it, not as the perfect HDTV but as being better than average at everything, with a good price for a 42″+ HD TV.  Check it out for yourself; if you are embarrassed by the brand you could always cover it with electrical tape.

“Let’s be frank. The Vizio brand doesn’t exactly connote… greatness. You might think it’s a bargain-bin TV, or one for your dorm, or one you get because you simply can’t afford something better. But this econo-panel apparently kicks ass.

The Vizio XVT3SV series comes in a handful of sizes—from 42 and to 55-inches. The 42 and 47-inch models can be found on Amazon for a little under $1100 and $1500 respectively.”

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