3DMark 11 is not just named like a new car model, labelled for the coming year not the current one, it is also a way to benchmark DX11 features.  Tessellation is tested, along with volumetric lighting performance and physics performance using the open source Bullet engine, not nVIDIA’s PhysX so don’t expect to see AMDs cards fall behind on that particular test.  The other thing you should not expect to see are pre-DX11 cards completing the tests, Futuremark recommends sticking with Vantage as the new 3DMark 11 is designed specifically for DX11 cards.  TECHGAGE did find some frustration when trying to get GPU results as a total system score is what is displayed with this new version.  Take a peek at the benchmark and see how they solved their dilemma here.

“The time has come for another one of Futuremark’s benchmarks to help us realize that our current PCs are lacking in performance. We’re taking a look at 3DMark 11, which utilizes all of DirectX 11’s goodies, and as expected, the result looks good. Read on to learn more, and also see our benchmark results from 12 current graphics cards.”

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