The base model of the Alienware M11x is $799, but if you are going to go with an Alienware laptop you can’t just buy the base model.  That is why Matt had to add $500 worth of options to the 11.6″ review model he received.  It is really the size that is interesting about this notebook, as it offers a balance of playability and portability without sacrificing too much of one for the other. The 11.6″ screen may feel a bit cramped but thanks to the weight of 4.6lb your arm and back will not be cramped.  Check out the full review to see the benchmarks.

“Gamers who already have a gaming desktop or large gaming laptop, however, should consider the M11x as a second system. The ultraportable market is terrible for gamers. Most 11 to 13 inch systems struggle even with older 3D games, and even those that offer passable gaming performance are two to three times slower than the M11x in modern games.

Yes, the M11 is expensive, but the M11x also breaks new ground. It is the first truly portable gaming computer. Even the smallest 15-inch gaming laptop is a monster in comparison. Cutting edge products like the M11x are aren’t cheap, but buying something that pushes the boundaries of what is possible is often its own reward.”

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