Fremont, CA (December 7, 2010) – ASUS, the world’s number #1 motherboard manufacturer and leading innovator in graphics cards, is proud to introduce NVIDIA’s latest high-end GPU, the GTX570 Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) that features the fastest DX11 performance in its class. The ASUS GTX570 ushers in unprecedented levels of realism in cutting edge DirectX 11 game titles and also provides the graphics horsepower and video bandwidth needed to experience games and high-definition Blu-ray movies in eye-popping stereoscopic 3D.

At the heart of the ASUS GTX570 are 480 CUDA cores along with a refined design offering substantial increases in performance while running cooler and quieter than previous generation products. ASUS added its exclusive Award Winning Voltage Tweak technology to the GTX570 allowing performance enthusiasts to reach higher clock speeds for improved game performance, benchmark scores or compute performance.

ASUS’ GTX570 also offers support for the latest in immersive gaming technologies such as NVIDIA 3D Vision and NVIDIA Surround technologies. ASUS’ GTX570 redefines the user experience by pushing on-screen resolution and image quality to new performance levels with NVIDIA SLI technology by combining multiple NVIDIA graphics solutions in an SLI-Certified motherboard.

Product Highlights

  • The ASUS GTX570 is factory overclocked at 742MHz with 480 CUDA cores, 1.28MB of GDDR5 video memory running at over 3.8GHz and a 320-bit memory interface that opens up performance by removing data transmission bottlenecks and allows a higher level of graphic fidelity.
  • Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround in full 1080p HD — Allows users to experience 3D games, movies and photos on up to three screens at once for the most immersive PC multimedia experience around.
  • ASUS Voltage Tweak technology gives users a quick and easy way to overvolt the graphics card to achieve new levels of performance.
  • Support for NVIDIA PhysX advanced in-game physics create more realistic and immersive action in PC games. In addition continued and enhanced support NVIDIA CUDA GPGPU applications allow for the next level in performance in support applications.
  • HDMI 1.4a offers users the fastest, highest-bandwidth standard available for high definition video and audio output.
ASUS GeForce GTX 570 Series Graphics Card Delivers Groundbreaking DirectX 11 Price/Performance - Graphics Cards 3

ASUS GeForce GTX 570 Series Graphics Card Delivers Groundbreaking DirectX 11 Price/Performance - Graphics Cards 4