Fremont, CA (December 15, 2010) – ASUS, the world’s number 1 motherboard manufacturer and leading innovator in graphics cards, is proud to introduce AMD’s new 6900 series of Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). HD6970 and HD6950 graphics cards field the latest graphics cores from AMD, dubbed “Cayman”. The ASUS 6970 and 6950 easily surpass previous generation performance levels in single GPU designs, ushering in unprecedented levels of realism in cutting edge DirectX 11 game titles. Featuring even more processing power than the award winning EAH5000 Series of graphics cards, the new ASUS EAH6900 Series brings HD graphics performance and smooth gameplay to PC enthusiasts.

Both the EAH6970 and EAH6950 cards feature AMD Eyefinity multi-display technology, AMD HD3D technology and DirectX 11 support. In addition, exclusive ASUS Voltage Tweak overclocking technology offers a superior overclocking experience allowing users to adjust the GPU voltage to reach higher than reference clock speeds. The EAH6970 and EAH6950 also ship with factory overclocked cores set to 890MHz and 810MHz ensuring that even straight out the box users have better gaming performance. With cutting-edge technology and a range of exclusive performance-boosting improvements gamers or enthusiasts cannot go wrong with the ASUS EAH6900 Series.

ASUS Launches New AMD HD6900 Series Graphics Cards - Graphics Cards 2

Product highlights

  • Exclusive award winning ASUS Voltage Tweak technology offers real-time voltage adjustment of various GPU components, including the graphics core and video memory.

In combination with the award winning Smart Doctor VGA graphics utility users have extensive control over the frequencies and fan controls of the EAH6800 Series.

  • The EAH6970 is factory overclocked to 890MHz and the EAH6950 to 810MHz. This is higher than reference designs and offers higher frame rates in games right out of the box.
  • Going beyond the reference design, ASUS has once again replaced the stock plastic shroud and equipped an aluminum fan cover plate that improves the cooling efficiency and reduces surface temperatures up to 14 degrees Celsius compared to the reference design’s plastic cover. This creates better cooling on both the HD6970 and HD6950, dissipating surface heat more evenly and rapidly than the reference design. Less heat immediately translates into greater stability, better performance, longer product lifespan and increased overclocking potential.

The ASUS HD6970 and HD6950 come with innovative features from AMD, including Eyefinity, HD3D and EyeSpeed technologies.

  • AMD Eyefinity technology comes standard on both models, enabling the connection of up to six displays to a single graphics card. This results in huge viewing real estate, offering an ideal platform for immersive gaming and expanded productivity.
  • AMD HD3D technology creates new exciting possibilities with 3D visuals in PC games, movies, video content and even photos. The power of these new cards means the 3D effect renders in sharp detail and with no lag.
  • AMD EyeSpeed accelerates video playback for a more enjoyable high definition experience. Content from Blu-ray to online videos runs unhampered in full resolution and detail.