Soon we shall see the arrival of the 8th main iteration of Chrome which will include a rather useful security feature.  They will be incorporating their own pdf reader into the browser and running it it what is termed a sandbox environment.  You can think of it in the same way as a sandbox game, in that you can do whatever you feel like inside the sandbox but there are invisible walls surrounding the entire area in which you are and no matter what you try you cannot affect anything outside of the defined area you are playing in.  There are more features to read about at The Inquirer.

“SOFTWARE DEVELOPER Google has taken the wraps off Chrome 8 with a number of improvements under the bonnet.

The firm announced that version 8.0.552.215 of its Chrome web browser has over 800 bug fixes and stability improvements, but the most notable feature is the built-in PDF viewer that runs within Chrome’s sandbox. It should mean that any PDF files infected with malware will be kept caged within the sandbox environment rather than being allowed to run amok with the freedom to potentially cause system-wide damage.”

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