RGB LED light strip with remote control

Product Features:

• Waterproof 1024 SMD LED Ribbon Light, White PCB, Flexible 
• 30cm with 36 SMD LEDs 
• Width: 10mm 
• Beam angle: 120 degrees 
• Working voltage: 12V DC 
• Color: Red, Green, Yellow
• Easy snap-in connectors 
• Soft material and bendable, there is a PCB inside bend at a sharp angle. 
• Major reduction in power costs 
• Low Heat 
• No UV or IR light radiation 
• Super brightness 
• Long life: Over 60,000hour 
• CE approved & ROHS compliant. 
• Ideal for Car and motorcycle decorative lighting, Window display lighting, also retail display case lighting 

Product Specifications:

• Color of bulbs: RGB 
• LED View Angle: 150° 
• Color of background: White 
• LED type: SMD 1204 
• Number of LEDs: 36 (Red:12pc, Green:12pc, Yellow:12pc) 
• LED Brightness (each LED): 
• LED Luminous Intensity (per pc): Red 210, Green 550mcd, Blue 210mcd 
• Size: 300(L) x 10(W) x 2(D) mm 
• Weight:8.65 G 
• Adhesive: 3M 
• Cutting interval: 7.5 , 15, 22.5 cm 
• Voltage: 12V DC 20~40KHz 
• Current: <240mA 
• Power Consumption: <2.88 W(36 pcs LED) 
• Life: >20,000 Hours 
• Operating Temperature: -0° ~ 50° 
• Storage Temperature :-5 ~ -70° 
• Storage humidity: 0% ~ 80% 
• IP Rate: IP64 
• Maximum connected q’ty for 2A transformer: 8 pcs 
• CE Approval 
•Use with 12V vehicles also


• Super bright Warm White (or Cool White) LED’s 
• Flexible and durable • Simple to install 
• Adhesive strip on backside 
• Extra long wiring cable lets you place strip wherever you like in your vehicle or window case. 
• For use with any make of car, van or motorcycle   


• Light source: 36 Bright SMD LEDs (per 30CM) 
• Connector: 4PIN • Material of surface: Epoxy 
• Material of PCB: FPCB • PCB: Soft 
• PCB Color: White Note: 
• As this device is very thin and soft. Avoid sharp bends 
• Clean, dry and make sure surface is smooth before attaching LED strip. 
• Do not overload or it will shorten the life of LED 
• Do not connect to any AC outlet. Use AC/DC adapter or molex connector. 
• Strip is NOT waterproof!


Danger Den Black Series Tower 21 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 43

One neat accessory that functions great with the Black Series Tower 21 is Danger Den’s RGB LED light strip with remote control. This light strip and remote control retails for $25.99 and can change into several different colors at the touch of a button. Danger Den states users can install this light strip in any motorcycle or vehicle, but we think it will work great in the case itself. Let’s move onto to the remote control and other accessories bundled with the light strip.


Danger Den Black Series Tower 21 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 44

Here’s a close-up shot of the remote control, battery, extender clips, and power cable. The remote control itself looks pretty easy to use, but there are some functions I had to look up in the user manual. Users will need to get an AC/DC power adapter or attach a molex connector to the power cable for the light strip to function properly.  


Danger Den Black Series Tower 21 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 45

The light strip itself is about 12 inches long and very thin and flexible. Users can attach multiple light strips together too, which is great for upgrading your lighting system and making it brighter. There are 36 LEDs on each light strip that includes 12 red, 12 blue, and 12 green LEDs. The back of the light strip includes an adhesive strip to secure it to any clean surface.


Danger Den Black Series Tower 21 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 46

Here’s a close-up shot of the RGB LEDs that are soldered onto this light strip. Check out the video below to see these configurable LEDs in action.


Quick video overview of the Danger Den RGB LED light strip with remote control (Product link)


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