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Final Thoughts

Danger Den Black Series Tower 21 Case Review - Cases and Cooling 43

After the initial assembly and hardware installation, I have a better perspective of what the Black Series Tower 21 case offers high-end users and other enthusiasts looking for a acrylic solution for their PC enclosure needs. Like everything else that comes out of Danger Den, the Black Series Tower 21 case excels in several key areas — chassis quality/construction, exceptional style, and optimal function and design. If there Black Series Tower 21 has any flaws it would be in its ability to adapt to system with traditional needs that stray from high-end watercooling.


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There are several areas that Danger Den can improve upon with the design of the Black Series Tower 21. One key area is including options for two optical bays and adding support for 2.5″ solid state drives in the hard drive cage. I would also like to see the power button sleeved and better options for managing used power and data cables. The ability to support triple radiator solutions is a great asset, but it needs to be cross-functional so users can add three 120mm fans to expand the case’s airflow capabilities. Lastly, I would like mounting holes at the top of the case for a 120, 140, or even 240mm exhaust fan. They could also go the extra mile and add case handles and create a custom transportation system for the case so uses can bring the Black Series Tower 21 to LAN parties and other gaming events.



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The Black Series “BiPolar” 21 case is exclusively available at Danger Den’s website for $279.99 before shipping. Users can customize the case style, acrylic panel colors, fan grills, and shipping options.



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We’d like to thank Danger Den for providing the Black Series Tower 21 Case for our review today. While we didn’t install a high performance watercooling solution in this rig during the review, we found it to be more than capable to support any custom dual or triple radiator watercooling system that high-end users will consider using to cool their CPU, graphics cards, and hard drives. Assembling the chassis was easy to execute and the overall construction and design was the best I’ve seen from any acrylic case I’ve reviewed. 

There are a few considerations users should account for like the single optical bay and lack of SSD support, but those obstacles should easily be overcome with a little ingenuity. If this case had better case management and airflow features I would have given it a perfect score. But, the ability to customize the color of the acrylic and style of the fan grills is something most people don’t have the opportunity to do with normal PC cases. The classiness and style of the Black Series Tower 21 should overcome a consumer’s apprehension of paying $280 for a custom acrylic case with support for advanced watercooling systems.


  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quality components
  • Supports custom watercooling solutions



  • No mounting options for SSDs
  • Only one optical bay
  • Poor cable management options
  • Expensive


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