The Nesteq RubberScrew Magnet kit seems a little counterintuitive at first; after all who would want to put magnets in their enclosure?  Once you look at the review at Funky Kit you start to see just why these might be useful.  With rubber sleeves they are unlikely to damage your case and the rubber ‘screws’ fit perfectly onto case fans allowing you to stick a fan to your case wherever you want.  They might be a little weak for plus sized fans but a little duct tape ought to put things right.

“When Nesteq sent me these RubberScrew Magnets, I thought it was a joke. I mean, who would want to play with magnets? Anyway, they said that these magnets are ideal for modders and DIY users, who wants to add additional case fans inside the chassis … at any position, at any angle. Sounds interesting … ”

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