FrostyTech have updated their Top 5 cooler list just in time for the holidays, although as there are four lists with 10 coolers each, in total there are more than just 5 coolers to choose from.  Some appear under both Intel and AMD while others, being designed for only one type of socket appear only once.  If you need the best cooling performance, the quietest operation or a mix of the two then you will find some great choices by following the link.

“UPDATED with Thermalright Silver Arrow, Noctual NH-C14 and Zalman CNPS9900-Max heatsinks. Quickly find your way to the current Top 5 heatsinks according to FrostyTech. The first pair of lists is for Intel Heatsinks, broken down by lowest temperature and quietest operation. The second set of lists are for AMD Heatsinks.”

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