Features, Packaging, Included Accessories


  • Enhanced ergonomic gaming keyboard design

  • GHOST Macro Engine: On board memory on the go. Store 100 macro sets. hardware/ software combination pack. It features programmable chip with onboard memory on the hardware and drag-and-drop macro editing function on the software. GHOST™ Macro Engine allows gamers to pre-define and switch between keys or buttons easily for the latest PC gaming titles.

  • 20 Anti-Ghost Keys: Pressing up to 20 simultaneous buttons without lost any key. 

  • Touch and Slide volume control: Interruption free volume control device during engaged gaming activity. Keep sensor from far right or far left pressed, volume will increase or decrease linearly.

  • More sensitive and report rate: USB 2.0 and gold plated USB connector. 

  • Considerate design and gifts: Additional WASD alternative rubber keys, keycap puller, silicone keyboard protector, durable braided cotton cord, and two-way cord out.



Gigabyte K8100 Aivia Gaming Keyboard Review - General Tech 28

The Aivia comes packaged in one of the largest retail packages I’ve ever seen a keyboard shipped in. You can also see my reflection in the photo above because the retail packaging is coated with clear, glossy paint that makes the black box shine. While they didn’t include a studio photo on the front of the box, they did add the name of the keyboard as well as Gigabyte’s logo in the top left corner. 


Gigabyte K8100 Aivia Gaming Keyboard Review - General Tech 29

The back panel gives consumers all the specific details and specifications to help them understand all the unique features that are available with the Aivia. I love how much information they provided about the GHOST macro engine and other available features. They also added additional information in multiple languages at the bottom of the back panel.


Gigabyte K8100 Aivia Gaming Keyboard Review - General Tech 30

The interior of the retail box shows a well packaged Aivia keyboard with a clear silicone cover. The foam used to secure the Aivia was made of a sturdy material that could be used to transport the keyboard to any LAN party or other gaming events. They also added extra rubber keys for the W, A, S, and D which are used the most during FPS gaming. Lastly, they included a keycap puller to swap out used keys.


Included Accessories

Gigabyte K8100 Aivia Gaming Keyboard Review - General Tech 31

There are several key accessories that Gigabyte included with the Aivia. One of the main ones is the silicone keyboard cover shown above. It’s made of a very soft silicone and will help keep the keyboard free of dust and other particles in the air that could accumulate over time. 


Gigabyte K8100 Aivia Gaming Keyboard Review - General Tech 32

They also added four extra keys for FPS gamers and a keycap puller that I mentioned earlier in the review. A software CD includes the GHOST macro engine program that people need to set up macros on the Aivia.


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