Somehow, even with the questionable image quality, the construction of the original Wolfenstein3D using Little Big Planet 2 is unbelievably cute.  Shooting Nazis and being shot in return seems more satisfying somehow when LBP2 is involved and even the slow fade to red when you take too many hits just doesn’t seem as sad as it did in the original.  Drop by Ars Technica to see what one fan did with the LBP2 demo and just imagine what will be done with the full version when it is released mid-January.

“Games that allow you to create other games aren’t common, but that’s one of the draws of LittleBigPlanet 2. The first game allowed you to make new levels and challenges to share with the world, but the sequel is much more ambitious; players can create nearly anything they want with the game’s editing tools.”

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