Not to be left out from the good news posted yesterday, Jetway sent over some pics and specifications on their upcoming Brazos mini-ITX platform, the NF81-LF.  Though this product is targeted at the industrial and commercial segments, it still is interesting to hear reports of success with the chipset and processor and of early demand for it.  

Jetway planning AMD Brazos platforms as well - Processors 3

This board doesn’t have full-size PCI Express integration or anything though it does include LVDS, mSATA ports, a COM port and even a GPIO header; things that again the industrial market demands.  Under the hood is a 9w AMD Ontario single-core Fusion APU and the Hudson E1 chipset complete the Brazos platform.  There are two SODIMM sockets for DDR3-1066/1333 memory and more.  

Jetway planning AMD Brazos platforms as well - Processors 4

You can see there are three video output options including HDMI, DVI and VGA, dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, etc.  

Jetway says that they are very pleased with the performance and pricing on the platform from AMD but we are curious to see how quickly the uptake will be for non-Intel systems since the Atom brand has become so dominant in the embedded market.  Based on our initial performance results the technological answer is obvious – but customers don’t always make the right decisions.