Why should console users get all the cool controls, get your own motion sensing controller in the form of the Gyration Air Mouse Elite.  At $70 the price is in line with high end gaming mice though a little steep for those just wanting to experiment with a new way of interacting with their PC.  X-Bit Labs tired Left4Dead 2 with the mouse and were not impressed, but when they used it for Office productivity type tasks they were actually fairly impressed with the Air Mouse’s performance.  See if it is something that you might be interested in trying.

“There are different types of mice available nowadays. There are mice for gamers with numerous additional keys, there are ergonomic mice for demanding users and there are small form-factor mice for travelers. How can one possibly change a mouse and design something unique? Well, the company called Gyration installed a gyroscope inside its mice in order to let them work without any surface. Today we are taking a look at Gyration Air Mouse Elite, one of the world’s first mice that can work in the air.”

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