Lenovo T410s 14-in Core i5 Optimus Notebook Review - Mobile 26

The ThinkPad T410s offers outstanding performance. It is, along with the Sony Vaio Z, a lesson in the benefits of solid state hard drives. While the Core i5 processor in the ThinkPad T410s is quick, the most impressive performance numbers coming from this laptop are achieved because it equips a solid state drive instead of a normal mechanical unit. 

Unfortunately, the ThinkPad T410s has a major flaw – battery life. The problem is not that the laptop is inefficient. Instead, the problem is size. The slim six-cell battery that helps this laptop maintain its thin frame isn’t large enough to provide great battery life. You can boost the battery life of the ThinkPad T410s by purchasing an optional 3-cell Ultrabay battery, but that option will set you back another $120 on top of the laptop’s nearly $1700 MSRP.

If this battery life issue was addressed, the ThinkPad T410s would likely have come out of this review earning an Editor’s Choice award. It scores highly in every other area. Normally poor battery life would not weigh so heavily in a review, but the T410s is a $1700 ultraportable. Laptops in this price range have little room for error, as other well engineered competitors are ready to knock you down and steal your lunch. The T410s, although a nice laptop, can’t compete with better options such as the Sony Vaio Z and Apple MacBook Pro.

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