It is the time of year when our Forums begin to fill up with gift ideas and dilemmas, as our members try to decide which SSD makes the best gift, if there is a perfect eBook reader or even how to get the sound working on an early present.  This member is likely to find something heavy and solid under the tree, though the fan might not be included, while this member is likely to build a gift as opposed to going shopping for one.

There is also a lot of action in the trading post, more than a few new threads offering various components or sale or trade.  If you have some kit you want to get rid of, or want to pick up something used at a great price then jump over to the Trading Post and see if there is anything you might want for yourself or others.  You could also just skip out on the friendly greetings and smiles and loudly proclaim “Humbug” in The Lightning Round.

However you spend your time at PC Perspective make sure you take your proper dose of the PC Perspective Podcast, otherwise the effectiveness of the in jokes will degrade.