Behind the covering of that SSD will be one of two types of flash memory, though both offer double data rate speeds by being able to read or write on the rise and fall of a clock cycle.  While most makers use the Open NAND Flash Interface, Samsung and Toshiba have chosen a different route called toggle flash which utilizes a data strobe instead of the usual clock when transferring data.  Both technologies are JEDEC approved, so it will be interesting to see which survives.  That is not the only trick this drive has, it is also the first to sport two DIMMs for cache, 128MB DRAM chips as well as a dual core processor as the controller which The Tech Report tentatively identifies as being ARM based. 

Read on before you get too excited about this drive as it currently sports a rather disappointing flaw.

“Samsung’s latest 470 Series SSD has a new controller, dual cache chips, and a fresh kind of flash dubbed Toggle DDR NAND. We take it for a spin.”

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