SemiAccurate has been searching the interwebs for signs of the new P67 and H67 boards and have found a few retailers that have priced them.  With the amazing amount of choice we now have in motherboards, with each manufacturer offering at least a half dozen choices of board for each chipset SemiAccurate did not compile a list of models, simply observed a trend.  You get no points for predicting that the trend is higher prices, that is something we all knew.  What seems to have caught them by surprise is how much the price varies between the retailers, though as the boards are not yet available you should consider the 20-30% premium over the boards being replaced only a rough guide.

“OVER THE PAST few days it appears as if the online retailers have gotten their act together and jointly decided to post pricing of motherboard for Intel’s upcoming Sandy Bridge processors. So far we’ve spotted boards on sale from Asus, Biostar, Gigabyte, Intel itself and MSI in various parts of the world, although some of the prices seem to be, shall we say a little bit on the high side.”

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