The wireless TDK WR700 Headphones are a step above some of the previous incarnations of wireless headphones but they still have one of the same weaknesses, they need 4 AAA batteries.   The sound quality is the main requirement for those looking to be able to listen to their music or movies without having an umbilical linking them back to their audio source which is something that t-break felt these headphones did well.  They were also impressed with the noise isolation abilities of the headset.  Check them out.

“The WR700 headphones come with a 2.4GHz wireless transmitter, an extended 3.5mm jack (suitable for 1st generation iPhones which don’t have a flush audio jack), a 3.5mm to 6mm audio extension jack, a soft pouch to hold everything in and 4x AAA (Imation branded) batteries. Starting up the system is a simple process of plugging in the transmitter into any 3.5mm compatible audio device, starting up the headphones and that’s it. The pairing is done within seconds and you’re good to go.”

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