The Nook Color has been rooted to limited fanfare, perhaps less that it deserves considering what it can do.  For instance, it is capable of playing Angry Birds “as smoothly as on the Galaxy Tab,” and with an 800MHz Cortex processor should handle productivity tasks.  The rooting process is still being smoothed out and you can see how to do it yourself thanks to Slashdot.

“It can browse the web, edit Office docs, run apps. Is it a low-cost, low-function e-reader? Nope, it’s a Nook. And now that XDA has rooted it, how Barnes & Noble responds will determine whether the Nook has a tablet future, says blogger Ryan Faas. ‘If the device can be turned into a capable Android tablet (which technically it already is) easily, the $250 price tag certainly beats out some of the competition.'”

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