To hurdle the bad news about the new nVIDIA GTX570 for process junkies and tech lovers, there is almost nothing new about the card.  It still uses the GF110 GPU with a 3 billion transistor count, and there are 480 CUDA cores, 60 texture units and 40 ROPs which result in a 320-bit memory bus.  The only upside a full speed FP16 texture filtering addition and improved Z-cull efficiency.

For the gamers however the news is good, the card is hitting the stores at just under $360 and the performance is about 15-18% better than the previous GTX 480 making it a good upgrade choice for those who do not feel spending $500 on a GPU is reasonable.  See Ryan’s full review at the top of the page.
“The GeForce GTX 570 doesn’t bring anything really new to the table in terms of graphics technology but it does bring performance that was once only available to $430+ options to a new, lower price point of $349. The GTX 570 also runs cooler and quieter than the GTX 480 giving NVIDIA yet another reason to go ahead with this upgrade. If nothing else, NVIDIA’s latest iteration in their DX11 series of GPUs continues to pin AMD against the wall and gamers looking for an upgrade in this price range will be pleased with the results. ”

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