Our Tech Talk Forum is a breeding ground for odd problems and inventive solutions, being the forum you post in when you just aren’t sure exactly what the problem is in the first place.  That nature does lend its self to generally stated problems which can confound even the most knowledgeable of members.  If you do have a real headscratcher, the best idea is to start off describing the problem and anything that might be involved in as much detail as possible.  For instance this question may look long and rambling to some, but it is a great example of how to get useful responses quickly because of the large amount of information given.  Don’t feel bad if you have some difficulties in describing the issue, the more you type the better the chance of another member recognizing a problem they have fixed in the past. 

We also appreciate success stories, so if you have an overclock or a system build that you are proud of, show it off to the other members in all of its glory!  We especially like tricks to get better performance for no cash down, as we mentioned on this weeks PC Perspective Podcast, soon available here.