Accidental file deletion and hard drive corruption are not what you want to think about on a Monday morning; unless you are Gizmodo.  They’ve assembled a guide to help get those unfortunate souls whose storage have failed them recover at least some data without paying a specialized data recovery business to do so.  Physical damage is not really covered as once you arrive at that point you are better off leaving it to the professionals, however recently deleted photos of a CF card or FAT troubles on a HDD are.  Read on to help expand your data recovery tool kit.

“Accidentally hit that delete button? Having a hard drive failure? Help is here. Let us take you through the steps to get that data back in your hands.

Data recovery software doesn’t have quite the same flash as anti-virus software. While new computers generally come bundled with some type of A/V application, there isn’t nearly as much attention paid to recovering lost data. Microsoft jumped into the AV fray by providing users with Windows Defender but they seem curiously absent when it comes to data recovery. Sure, there’s Recovery Console but that’s not much help when Windows itself can’t read from the drive in question. When you lose data, it’s a technology emergency – without any ability to dial 911. Let us be the calm-voiced 911 operator walking you through the steps you need to recover your data.”

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