AMD’s Bobcat based G series of APUs have arrived and it seems that AMD has it’s eyes on fulfilling the needs of embedded system clients.  Point of sale, casino attractions and thin clients that will benefit from the low power draw of the new APUs and can benefit from DX11 support along with OpenGL and OpenCL compatibility will be where we first see Fusion chips.  The Inquirer has heard nothing from the usual suspects as far as mini-ATX based boards for the rest of us but is certain we should be seeing some signs soon. 

You can also grab the product brief from AMD here.

“CHIP DESIGNER AMD has released its G-series of embedded processors, the first based on its Fusion technology.

amd-embeddedAMD drip-fed information on the latest incarnation of its Fusion chip technology that it calls an accelerated processing unit (APU) last year, showing laptops running the chips. Now Chimpzilla is aiming for the embedded market. The APU designs combine a CPU, a graphics processor and a memory controller into a single chip, allowing for significant power savings that are vital in embedded processors.”

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