Amongst the excitement of CES 2011, AMD’s refreshing of their processor lineup has been overshadowed somewhat.  You can get a look at the various models as well as the speed bumps that they represent by dropping by Legit Reviews

The AMD Phenom II X4 975 BE is a 3.6 GHz model and the Phenom II X4 840 is a 3.2 GHz model, with the speed bump being the only difference between these new models and the previous versions they replaced.  The TDPs and processes behind the chips are the same.

“AMD has just released their latest quad-core speed-bump in order to give consumers the option for a little more bang and a little more buck. With the release of the AMD Phenom II X4 975 ‘Black Edition’ processor, AMD has added a new king to their Phenom II X4 quad- core product line. The previous leader in this category was the Phenom II X4 970 at 3.5GHz and 125W TDP. The 975 adds 100MHz for a total of 3.6GHz. This clock speed not only marks the highest quad core, but the highest base factory clock chip in all of AMD’s desktop processor lines. With a price-point of $195, AMD also maintains their sub-$200 barrier in their quad-core processors…”

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