TechARP has recently updated their seven SSD round up, specifically seeing how Windows 7’s built in SSD features work.  They are focused on the raw performance of the drive, as opposed to calculating a performance per dollar metric or the price per gigabyte.  The drives run from 30GB up to 160GB and each and every one shows the performance difference you can expect from upgrading to an SSD.  If you still aren’t convinced that these drives will improve your computing experience you should read through the tests.

“Microsoft Windows 7 is the first Windows operating system to include native support for solid state drives (SSDs). Its SSD-specific optimizations make Windows 7 the best operating system for solid state drives.

But just how much of a boost in SSD performance can we expect from upgrading to Windows 7? That’s exactly what we intend to find out.

In this major revision, we added four new pages comparing the IOPS scaling performance between Windows 7 and Windows Vista.”

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