Fremont, CA (January 26, 2010) – ASUS, the world’s number #1 motherboard manufacturer and leading innovator in graphics cards, is proud to introduce NVIDIA’s latest technology, the GTX560 Ti Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) that features the fastest DirectX 11 performance in its class and amazing tessellation performance. The ASUS GTX560 Ti offers cutting edge DirectX 11 game performance by providing the graphics horsepower and video bandwidth needed to experience games in high resolution. This same power allows users to enjoy ultra sharp high-definition Blu-ray movies as well as eye-popping stereoscopic 3D performance in games and movies.

The Gamers Sweet Spot with Incredible IQ and High Performance Tessellation.
At the heart of the ASUS GTX560 Ti DirectCU II are 384 CUDA cores and 8 tessellation engines along with a refined design offering substantial increases in performance while running cooler and quieter than previous generation products. This is allows the GTX560 Ti to have amazing price to performance ratio as well as great performance to watt numbers. The GTX560 Ti on average offers 33% faster performance than the previous GTX460 while also offering 21% better performance per watt.

Cutting Edge Microsoft DirectX 11 and NVIDIA Technology Support
ASUS’ GTX560 Ti DirectCU II also offers support for the latest in immersive gaming technologies such as DirectX 11 and Tessellation. In addition to these cutting edge graphics technologies the GTX560 Ti Direct CU II supports NVIDIA 3D Vision™ and NVIDIA Surround™ technologies. ASUS’ GTX560 Ti DirectCU II redefines the user experience by pushing on-screen resolution and image quality to new performance levels with NVIDIA SLI™ technology by combining multiple NVIDIA graphics solutions in an SLI-Certified motherboard such as ASUS’ Award Winning P8P67 Series. Rounding out the experience is support for NVIDIA CUDA allowing for advanced GPGPU or GPU Compute functionality with outstanding performance allowing for a whole other level of usage outside of gaming and multimedia enjoyment.

Product Highlights
Great Overclocking Experience and TOP series performance
The GTX560 continues in the tradition of recent NVIDIA GPU’s in offering a great overclocking experience for increased frame rate performance. ASUS takes this further with specialized designs and implementations such as the Award Winning Voltage Tweak that allows for on-the-fly adjustment to GPU Core voltage to extend overclocking abilities.

DirectCU II is an advanced heastsink and fan assembly, which uses copper heat pipes in direct contact with the GPU core. In addition to the copper heat pipes, it includes a custom cooler fitted with two 80mm sound-dampened fans that provides great temperature performance and quieter sound levels.

Super Alloy Power PWM delivery technology offers the best in high current, high quality and clean power to ensure strong performance and stability when overclocking. Used in chokes, capacitors, POSCAPs and MOSFETs, Super Alloy Power technology boosts graphics card performance by 15%*, lowers operating temperatures by 35°C*, and lengthens lifespan by 2.5 times* when compared to reference designs.

ASUS extends the already high performance of the GTX560 Ti by also releasing a pre-overclocked graphics card in our award winning TOP series. ASUS uses specially-selected and qualified TOP GPUs clocked at 900MHz vs the core clock of 822 on reference designs, representing a large 78MHz overclock. This ensures users looking for even better out of the box experience have an another option to choose from ASUS. The standard ASUS GTX560 Ti DirectCU II also features faster than reference speeds at 830MHz.

ASUS launches GTX 560 Ti Cards featuring DirectCU II and Super Alloy Power VRM Power delivery - Graphics Cards 2

Smart Doctor with Voltage Tweak!– Superior Controls and Maximum Overclocking

  • ASUS continues the tradition of offering superior graphics tweaking technology with our Award Winning Smart Doctor and Voltage Tweak technology. Users can easily make adjustments to options such as the fan speeds by adjusting a fixed value or defining fan ramp speeds based on temperature. In addition for users looking for the highest levels of performance Voltage Tweak is offered allowing out of the box adjustment of the GPU core voltage designed to increase overclocking headroom. Enthusiasts can take this even further by using the Overclocking Range Enhancement option.


Graphics engine NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 Ti NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 560 Ti
Bus standard  
Video memory 1GB GDDR5 1GB GDDR5
Engine clock 900MHz 830MHz
CUDA cores/ Stream processors 384 384
Memory Clock 4200MHz (1050MHz GDDR5) 4000MHz (1000MHz GDDR5)
Memory interface 256-bit 256-bit