CES 2011: HP Focuses on Hardware Updates at CES - Mobile 4

Apparently secure in its current product portfolio, HP didn’t announce any new products for its consumer products in early 2011. Instead, the company is focusing on hardware updates, the nature of which weren’t surprising. 

On the notebook front, HP announced updates to the Pavilion dv6 and dv7 and the HP Envy, both of which will be receiving Sandybridge processors and Radeon 6000 series graphics. The dv7 will also receive an update to its audio and will now be caring what HP calls a Triple Bass Subwoofer (quite simply a laptop sub that should be able to produce noticeable bass). Otherwise, HP’s laptops will remain the same for now. This would seem to indicate that HP did not elect to make use of AMD’s newest Fusion processor line in its smaller laptops, but it is possible that HP will announce this at a later time.

HP’s desktops will also be receiving updates, including the expected Sandybridge processors. The Beats Audio brand will be introduced to HP’s desktops, the TouchSmart All-in-One line will gain updated touch software, and HP will be including the HP App store with more products. 

CES 2011: HP Focuses on Hardware Updates at CES - Mobile 5

The business line is where the new products are being announced. Three new desktops, the HP Compaq 4000, 8200 Elite and 6200 Pro, will soon be released into the wild. The 8200 Elite and 6200 Pro are standard desktops with Sandybridge processors. The 4000, however, is a small form factor PC and will rely on Intel’s Core 2 Duo processors. All of these desktops will include HP’s business software including HP Protect Tools, the company’s proprietary drive encryption and password protection software. Also available to businesses is the HP 100B All-in-One, an AMD powered option designed to bring the convenience of the All-in-One package to small businesses.

Besides computers, HP also announced a number of new monitors, though none of them are significantly new or different. The LA2006x, LA2206x and LA 2306x will be 20”, 21.5” and 23” products respectively. VGA, DVI and DisplayPort are the available connections, and the LA2206x and LA 2306x will offer 1080p resolution. All of these monitors are TN panel products with WLED back-lighting and will include fully adjustable monitor stands. Also announced was the entry-level LE1901wl, a 19” monitor with a 16:10 aspect ratio.

HP didn’t make any mention of tablets and, naturally, was asked to comment. It appears that HP will not be showing any new tablets at CES, and no information is available as to when HP will be releasing new tablet products.

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