During the opening festivities for CES tonight, AMD was on hand demonstrating a handful of design wins based on the new AMD E-series APUs.  Previously called the Brazos platform, we spent some hands on time with the combined CPU/GPU back in November 2010 and came away very impressed.  
While this is really only a preview of the AMD Brazos platform and its Zacate/Ontario APUs, we are eager to get our hands on real-world examples of the technology being implemented for consumer products.  The MSI netbook we saw in our first look at the Bobcat architecture last week was very compelling and with an estimated ACTUAL battery life of 10+ hours, I can see the technology racing into eager consumers hands.  
With announcements pending throughout the week, AMD did have notebooks from Lenovo, Sony and a couple others.  Stay tuned as we find more throughout the show!

CES 2011 Video: AMD Showcases Fusion Processors - Processors 2