If you watched PC Perspective Podcast #138 you got a sneak preview of the Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 WHDI edition, which bears a resemblance to a certain Elder God thanks to its five WiFi style antennas.  The WiDi portion of the name signifies that this card can provide Wireless Display, a fact Ryan proved streaming full 1080p Iron Man 2 a fair distance as well as gaming.  Read more about the capabilities of the card and the AMIMON 2120 transmitter chip that lets it stream HD content to TV's with an attached receiver in Ryan's full review.

"The Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 WHDI graphics card is a truly unique offering that brings uncompressed wireless video your current configuration with an impressive set of features. Using this Galaxy card and the included receiver you can wirelessly connect your PC to an HDTV or even just a standard monitor in another room of your house and still get the same image quality (and sound quality) you would get with the two being directly connected via HDMI or DVI. While 3D gaming and 3D Blu-ray aren't supported yet, the quality of the WHDI technology impressed me while playing games at 1920×1080 and watching Blu-ray at the full 1080p resolution."

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