If you’ve don’t think you’ve heard of a company called DDRdrive then you must have forgotten a review written by Allyn back in May 2009.  It compared favourably to the ioDrive and is one of the few products out there that can beat a high quality SSD at transfer speeds but it also brings along the disadvantages of a DDR based PCIe drive, it is not bootable.  Along with that rather large issue is the maximum storage capacity of 4GB which makes SSDs look huge in comparison as well as a price tag of several hundred dollars per gigabyte that makes SSDs look cheap. 

With such an obviously different target market, why are they complaining about OCZ’s Vertex II drive performance over at The Register?

“OCZ supplies NAND flash solid state drives (SSDs) and regularly announces high-performance products. DDRdrive has recently exited stealth mode and makes the X1 hybrid DRAM/NAND SSD. It criticises OCZ and other flash suppliers for products exhibiting a dreadful performance decline after a little use fresh out of the box.”

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