As far as Ars Technica can tell the sequel to Dead Space picks up immediately after the first ended.   You play the same character, trying to survive in less than friendly conditions without much in the way of resources.  Fans of the original will be pleased to know that the game has not morphed into a shooter, it retains the same survival horror focus while trying to improve on the atmosphere (or lack thereof).  Some of the enemies have learned some new tricks as well, so you should not end up feeling like you just played a slight mod of the first game in this series.

“Isaac Clarke, the hero of the Dead Space series, began the first game as an engineer sent to rescue a ship that seemed to be having problems. Once there, he tangled with an ungodly strain of mutated humans and the mind of an eldritch relic that had inspired a Scientology-style religion. He escaped that situation with his life, but how much of his mind came with him? Like Ellen Ripley of the Alien films, he’s now defined by his experience of fighting something he barely understands.”

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