Two of the more popular types of exhibits at CES 2011 dealt with either 3D TV, especially the glasses free kind and augmented reality, involving a mobile device with a camera to overlay information on a real time view of your surroundings.  ExtremeTech is reporting on something that might well be able to combine the two applications and do it in a way that does not interfere with your interaction with non-virtual reality.  Scientists are working on contact lenses that sport LEDs allowing the display of information right on your eyeballs without you needing to refocus your vision.  Currently red and blue LEDs are functioning leaving only green to be added before you can expect full colour overlays on these contacts. 

Hopefully it will take a while before they get hacked and we start getting full colour spam messages, even when our eyelids are closed.

“Lead researcher Babak Parvis comments “You won’t necessarily have to shift your focus to see the image generated by the contact lens,” it would just appear in front of you and your view of the real world will be completely unobstructed when the display is turned off.”

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