The PC Perspective gang is hard at work bringing you all the news from CES 2011, battling our way through hordes of other media to bring you the best of the newest products.  You can catch all of our coverage by visiting our CES page.

As we are not the only ones providing coverage, here are some stories from other sites covering releases here at CES.  The Tech Report made it in to see nVIDIA’s presentation of their new Denver product, an ARM based product line which should be very flexible in what OSes can be run as well as its ability to scale from super phone to super computer. 

Josh covered the announcement in depth here and Ryan recorded video of his conversation with nVIDIA here.

“Today at CES, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang shocked attendees by announcing Project Denver, a “high performance ARM core” designed in-house at Nvidia. Huang gave strong hints that a yet-to-be-announced version of Windows will run on the chip. Check out our report for all the dirt and analysis.”

Here are some more Shows and Expos articles from around the web:

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