You are going to see a lot of P67 chipset based board reviews over the next quarter as each motherboard maker is planning on releasing a lot of variants, some numbering several dozen when you include specialized OEM boards.  Choice is not a bad thing but you are going to want to research the various choices carefully and not let yourself get overwhelmed by the model numbers.  One solid choice is the ASUS P8P67 WS Revolution which combines the P67 chipset with the NF200 bridge chip which will allow properly support for Quad CrossFireX as well as 3-way and 2-way SLI.  [H]ard|OCP also points out that 4 Tesla cards would work as well, making this Gold Award winning motherboard a great basis for a workstation.

“Intel has launched the new P67 chipset for LGA1155 socket motherboards. ASUS expands its product portfolio once again with the P8P67 WS Revolution. While targeted towards workstation use as the name implies, it offers quite a bit for the enthusiast as well.”

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