[H]ard|OCP has reviewed one of Gigabyte’s new P67 boards, the descriptively named Gigabyte P67A-UD7.  It costs less than most X58 boards did while offering as many, or more features as most.  When they tried overclocking they ran into a big pile of fail with the Easy Tune 6 software, but since most successful overclocking is hardware, they did not hold that against the board as they had no problems overclocking manually.  The biggest draw was the changed colour scheme, a very big difference from Gigabyte’s previous style.  Check it out.

“Gigabyte is one of many manufacturers on the Sandy Bridge and P67 chipset bandwagon. We examine its latest offering, the P67A-UD7. A high end solution designed for the gamer and the hardware enthusiast. With so many P67 boards already out there to choose from, just how does the P67A-UD7 stack up?”

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