The new Special Edition Grey DIMMs sport a new heatspreader with a new colour scheme, along with fast new chips.  They are 4GB of XMP rated RAM running a zippy 2133 MHz @ 9-11-9-27 timings.  At such a high speed they are not cheap, and will set you back significantly more than a 1600MHz kit but if you are looking for a great overclock on an unlocked SandyBridge CPU then this kit might be just what you need.  Legit Reviews has a full review of the kit here.

“The Kingston HyperX Genesis 2133MHz kit “suits up” in special edition grey and cranks up the memory speed. The Core i7 2600K is already a stellar processor when running 1333MHz memory, but when you turn up the clock speed it’s clear that Sandy Bridge has room to grow in performance from increasing the memory speed also. Backed by a lifetime warranty and the biggest name in the memory business, this great looking kit of memory from Kingston Technology should be on the short list of anyone wanting to wring every last bit of performance from their new Intel Sandy Bridge CPU…”

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