As you expect from Lian Li, their new PC-2120 is large and well designed, with an interesting exterior.  This particular model sees some nice additions, such as HPTX motherboard compatibility and four USB 3.0 plugs on the exterior along with the usual suspects.  At $249 this case is for the serious enthusiast, not so much the casual user.  As you can see from Steve’s review, if you do invest the money you will not be disappointed.

“Lian Li has also set the bar high and the PC-V2120 truly takes that standard even higher as they taken on one of the enthusiast communities biggest requests — to have a case that supports HPTX motherboards (and specifically the EVGA Classified SR-2). I also commend Lian Li for not budging on their stance for putting form and function before flashy and cheap design techniques. While fancy blue LEDs and large windows may appeal to the masses, true enthusiasts understand how optimal airflow management techniques should be configured as well as the importance of a silent case.”

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