A caller left a voicemail asking if Linux will support SandyBridge’s GPU on PC Perspective Podcast #138 and we directed him to a certain Intel blog post.  Over at Phoronix they are still trying to get the GPU acceleration to work perfectly, so far with mixed results.  That has not stopped them from benchmarking the CPU portion, which shows no problems at all with SandyBridge.  The results they achieved are quite impressive, it seems that Linux gets along just fine with H67 and P67 boards with LGA1155 CPUs.  Hopefully the Intel HD graphics achieve stability soon.

“Earlier this month Intel released their first “Sandy Bridge” processors to much excitement. However, for Linux users seeking to utilize the next-generation Intel HD graphics found on these new CPUs, it meant problems. Up to this point we have largely been looking at the graphics side of Sandy Bridge, and while we have yet to publish any results there due to some isolated issues, on the CPU side its Linux experience and performance has been nothing short of incredible. Here are the first Linux benchmarks of the Intel Core i5 2500K processor.”

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