Samsung has a plan; they make their own flash memory and are hoping that will help them with their SSD lineup, both in cost and performance.  Their only cheat is the controller which is a 32-bit ARM9 processor and not technically a Samsung product.  Inside one particular fact stands out, which is that the PCB is only 3″ long and 1.8″ wide so we may see sub 2.5″ drives from Samsung in the near future. Legit Reviews placed the performance of the drive right in the middle of the SSD pack, not a bad thing as any SSD is a serious speed boost from a platter based drive.

“Overall, we were duly impressed with the 470 Series and it exceeded its rated specifications of 250MB/s reads and 220MB/s writes in nearly every benchmark we threw at it. With Samsung being a relatively new player in the consumer SSD market, they are getting off to a great start. Samsung really surprised us with their 256GB 470 Series solid state drive. It performed above expectations on nearly every benchmark and kept pace with the SandForce drives that seem to the darling of the industry right now….”

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