If you missed the live discussion on the PC Perspective Podcast about the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the ASUS G53JW-3DE 3D enabled gaming laptop you can still catch the articles on our front page, and soon the captured podcast as well.  Ken was rather impressed with the Samsung’s ARM Cortex A8 based Hummingbird processor with the PowerVR SGX540 GPU, as the two combine to provide a rather powerful tablet.

Ryan was less impressed with the ASUS G53JW-3DE, not because of a lack of performance but because of the price tag attached thanks to support for NVIDIA 3D gaming.  If you are really into the 3D effect in movies and games then you are going to be tempted but if all you want is a powerful gaming laptop then consider the alternative model he mentions in his review.

“Beyond a bigger screen size, hardware in the Galaxy Tab is extremely similar to the Samsung Galaxy S series of phones. Both the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab feature the Hummingbird processor core, developed by fabless semiconductor company, Intrinisty. This is an interesting detail, as the Apple A4 processor, first introduced in the iPad, and the Hummingbird core were both developed by by the same company, and are similar. However, since the development of this chip, Apple has purchased Intrinsity.”

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