The NZXT Bunker looks similar to a fan controller in that it is installed into a 5.25″ bay, though the function is rather different.  On the faceplate are 4 USB 2.0 connections and behind the scenes the Bunker attaches to an internal USB port on your motherboard.  The purpose of this device is to secure your wired USB peripherals and it does so with a locking mesh door that covers the connections, with enough space on the bottom for a cord to come through without being pinched, but not enough room for the actual USB connector to be removed and slid out.   Head on over to Overclockers Online to see exactly what the NZXT Bunker looks like.

“NZXT’s Bunker is one of those devices that is a simple and great idea and makes you wonder why you haven’t seen it before. It makes it quick and simple to secure your USB peripherals without having to open up your case for access. The included 20 Key lock system prevents someone else with a Bunker from unlocking yours.”

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