Hewlett-Packard’s ZR30w 30″ widescreen LCD has a lot of screen real estate but when it comes to features some might find it a bit lacking.  There are no analog connections whatsoever, only DisplayPort and DVI, not even HDMI.  As well as the lack of inputs, you may find the lack of any sort of OSD even more disappointing.  You have only basic controls for your brightness but nothing for colour temperature or any other variables you might wish to use.  Drop by TechReviewSource for a look at this 2560×1200 H-IPS display.

“The HP ZR30w is a 30-inch widescreen LCD display that’s huge in screen space, but also has some really good performance, including great brightness. However, rather frustratingly, HP decided to leave out an onscreen display (OSD) menu with this monitor, which severely limits the adjustments that users can make.”

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