If you are one of those individuals that is curious why PC gearheads like those of us at PC Perspective get more and more excited about ARM technologies, cell phone markets, NVIDIA Tegra and that type of stuff, this video should help demonstrate some of the reasons.  Computing is going more and more mobile and as performance of these small devices increases the ability mix/match with traditional notebook formats and to output to TV creates a compelling combination of goods.  

Motorola just posted a video that demonstrates what the Motorola Atrix phone based on NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor can do including docking with a netbook-style keyboard and display combo for an expanded computing experience.  While I am sure the real-world speed and quality will be different than what is shown in the video, it is never-the-less impressive.  Oh, and by putting “of the future” in my title I may have misled you – this phone is due out near the end of February.  

*Note: I am 100% sure this same inspirational soundtrack was used to by Intel during an IDF keynote last September!