The Inquirer is attempting a little prognostication this morning, trying to extrapolate a current state of the electronic industry from what they observed at CES 2011.  Some of their predictions come from the lack of surprises at CES 2011, no earth shattering announcements were made most simply reiterated products that have already been reviewed or at least discussed in depth previous to the show.  They felt Microsoft missed the point, while Google’s Android ran rings around Windows and that 3D TV has not yet delivered on what we expected.  Read on to see if you agree with what they’ve predicted.

“BEYOND THE FINAL ARRIVAL of Android 3.0 Honeycomb, what dramatic changes were there for the industry at the annual tech fest that is the Consumer Electronics Show?

Some might point to the decision to have Windows work with ARM, but the rest of Microsoft’s presence was so weak that an apparent strategic chipset addition is unlikely to stop the longer term trends that can be observed.”

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