Well kids, it finally happened: the Apple iPhone is coming to the Verizon network.  Live blog over at Engadget here.

Verizon and Apple announce iPhone 4 - Mobile 5

iPhone 4 will be available on the Verizon CDMA network, available February 10th.  Pricing, specs and pretty much everything looks exactly the same as the AT&T version.  Except maybe reliable service.

Verizon and Apple announce iPhone 4 - Mobile 6

What about 4G/LTE?  What about simultaneous data and voice communication? 

Verizon and Apple announce iPhone 4 - Mobile 7

Nope, this is a 3G CDMA phone only, no 4G support; that is kind of disappointing and it continues Apples trend of being behind the curve in the mobile network field.  The Verizon version will also offer a mobile hotspot feature with up to 5 connections – a feature that AT&T has refused to include.  Maybe this will put a bit more pressure on them to help out current iPhone users.

Verizon and Apple announce iPhone 4 - Mobile 8

Well, with that out in the air now, the questions begin.  How much with the iPhone data plan cost?  Details are scant on the Verizon site.  Will the next iPhone that is typically released in the July time frame of each month be released in tandem with the AT&T releases or will one company or the other get an exclusive for some amount of time?  All of this and more will no doubt be debated continuously until launch.  Have a great Tuesday!