It is hard to believe that a game which has won so many awards already might have a release date.  After so long at the top of the vapourware charts, we might get to see Duke Nukem again before the heat death of the universe.  Techdirt spotted a release date for the Xbox 360 version of the game on Amazon, for May 31st.  It will most likely be a disappointment, a game which has killed studios and seen the coming and going of numerous engines will be unlikely to live up to the reputation it has garnered for its self over the past decade.

“The video game Duke Nukem Forever has been a perpetual joke in video game circles. A decade ago it was already being mocked as Vaporware. At some point, Wired had to “retire” it from its annual vaporware list, giving it a “lifetime achievement award.” But that was back in 2003, and after strong demand, it was added back to the list later. Finally, in 2009, we thought it had gone into permanent vaporware mode, after the developer, 3D Realms, shut down. There was a fascinating post mortem of the effort, which talked about the rather perfectionist views of 3D Realms boss, George Broussard, who kept having the team effectively start over to avoid being “behind” the state of the art.”

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